Acknowledging the Goodness of God

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Abundance and Purposeful Living.

Life will not always be easy, and sometimes we are prone to disappointments and discouragements, and even we grow weary. But the moment we stop worrying about how challenging the situations are and acknowledge how good our God is; we have an assurance to overcome every problem in life. As believers, we have an abundance of grace, peace, love, and everything we need because God has promised to be with us and be our helper in times of need. Abundance in our life can be measured on the overflow of the good things God promised us through his word, and some not even those closest to us can provide.

God’s eternal love demonstrates His goodness.

God expressed his love by giving us His only begotten son so that we can have eternal life and not perish (John 3:16). There is no other way love can be demonstrated than by sacrificing the most precious thing to us or what we love most. God revealed this unconditional love and what we have to do is believe. This assures us that even if we face rejection, discouragement, persecution, betrayal, or negativity in life, we have a love of our Heavenly Father. He will always be on our side, help us, and glorify us. We always have the one we can turn to in times f trouble because God proved His love for us at the cross. When we embrace that and live according to his purpose, we will experience His love in this land.

We always have a helper.

When Jesus ascended to heaven, he granted us the Holy Spirit. He became our helper in trying times when we didn’t know what to do. Can’t you see how good our God is? He has never wanted us to feel alone, neglected, or abandoned. With the Holy Spirit, we have power over everything. Acts 1:8 assures us to receive the power when the Holy Spirit comes on us, and we become the witness of the goodness of God in the whole world. This means we can discern situations in life and overcome them as the spirit of God leads us. God dwells in us at all times, helps us in every aspect of life as far as we are believers, and acknowledges God in our life in any situation.

Abundance comes from trusting in God.

Abundance gives us purposeful living and the joy of life. When we trust in the Lord and believe in him, we can experience his goodness and let Him take control of our lives. Proverbs 3:5 reminds us to trust God and not lean on our understanding. When we do so, God always takes charge of our lives and shows us the way. This gives us the promise that we are never alone. God also shows us the way, and when we go astray, he always convicts us to get on track and continue with the journey. Trust always comes with believing that our lives are in the hands of God, and it assures us of conquering every challenge we may face. Therefore people who trust in the Lord are always safer as they stand on the promises of God and release everything to God and seek guidance in challenging times.

The goodness of God assures provision.

God will always provide for us what we need when the time is right. This doesn’t mean that we always get it whenever we ask for something, but according to his timing. He always knows what we need and when we need it, which means that everything will come to us at the right time. All we need as believers are to obey him and live according to his will. He promises us in the book of Deuteronomy 28:12 to open the heavens for us the treasures, send rain to our land and bless the work of our hands. This means that all our blessings in this life are always from the promises of God, and we shouldn’t be worried about anything as he knows what we need even before we ask for it through prayers.

Abundance brings an overflow of blessings.

As believers, we are always confident that God will provide every physical, spiritual, or emotional wealth. This gives us plenty of what we need, which becomes an overflow to others who have fallen short of such blessings. We, therefore, pass the blessings to others from the overflow and help them even acknowledge God and glorify him through us. The Bible, therefore, encourages us to give so that we can receive, a good measure that has been pressed down, shaken, and running over in the book of (Matthew 6:38.) Therefore, the goodness of God to us makes us a blessing to others and what we give we even receive more of the same. This means that giving does not make us poor but more prosperity and blessings. Abundance, therefore, makes us a source of hope, help, encouragement, and motivation to others. It also helps us preach the gospel of God’s goodness to those who have not experienced it and bring a transformation to their lives, all for the glory of God.

How the Goodness of God is demonstrated to us.

-Death of Jesus Christ- Jesus died at the cross so that we can be saved. He carried all our transgressions and pain to have eternal life. The gift of redemption is precious to us as the bloodshed at the cross cleanses and heals us. This is a most precious gift as it gives us eternal life.

-Through God’s mercies- The unconditional love of God gives us an assurance that he always cares for us and has his mercies following us. Nothing is more beautiful than knowing that even when we are lost and have gone astray, God is always there to embrace us and give us rest. He tells us to come with all our burdens and weights so that we can have rest (Matthew 11:28.) This means that we have our life burdens, be it worries, iniquities, pain, fears, diseases, or any form of weight, offloaded as God is merciful.

God’s provision- When we have the goodness of God, we have an abundance of all our physical needs. We are not supposed to lack since we have our provider. This means that even in economic crisis and life uncertainties, God always gives us everything we need. This is the best assurance we can have, and we only need to believe and trust in Him. He proved to be a God of provision since the time of Abraham when he provided the unexpected sacrifice sheep, provided to Israelites in the wilderness, and even for his prophet Elijah during draught. There are also a lot of instances of our lives that we can account for to prove that God always provides for us in times of need.

Why is God good to us?

God created us in his image, and his will for us was to have a beautiful life we could enjoy. He always wants to see us prosper, have joy in our lives, rejoice, and live purposeful lives. With his love for us, He always guides our steps, corrects us, show us the way, and has his grace sufficient for us. He always knows that sometimes we get weak and weary, and amid all our weaknesses, he always wants to be there and stretch his arm to help us when we need help. Since we are sons of the kingdom, we always require that fatherly care, and God always wants to give that to us through love. He also wants us to be a blessing to others by letting him be glorified through his doings in our lives. Therefore, through this, the goodness of God is adequate and sufficient to enable us to live a joyous and purposeful life.

Today’s prayer.

Dear God, thank you for the unconditional love that you have proved to me through your work in my life. I am grateful for your promises and assurance that all things happen and work for good. Thank you for the blessings and the overflow that always happen in my life, some of which I feel I don’t even deserve. I pray for the desire to always lean on your promises and not my understanding and help me acknowledge that you are the beginner and the finisher of the excellent work you started in me. I pray that I may live a purposeful and fulfilling life, a life that may please you. Help me to be an example to others of your kindness, love, mercies, and grace and help them desire even to know you more. Above physical abundance, fill my heart, mind, and soul to overflow your goodness to others. Thank you for what you have done and will do in my life, all for your glory. Ame

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