Life Transformation from the Renewed Mind

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Our Mind is an essential life tool that controls every aspect of human life. Most decisions are always attached to how we think and perceive things.

A positive mindset always yields positive results, while the opposite yields negative ones. However, we always want things to work in our favor, and among other aspects, our Mind becomes the core of making this happen. This means that renewal of the Mind is always necessary as it advances our perception and approach and changes our way of thinking to a better way replacing the old ways. As Christians, we must constantly renew our minds to grow in all dimensions of life.

Renewal of Mind comes from the Word of God

What we feed our minds is mainly displayed by our actions. When we provide our minds with the Word of God, we always have divine knowledge and wisdom that helps us handle every life situation. As believers, we must read God’s Word and meditate on it day and night. Joshua 1:8, the bible talks of meditating on the Word and doing according to what is written, as this will bring success and prosperity.

The Word of God gives us the direction to follow and when to follow. It also molds and prepares us for the blessings, and our success becomes divine and permanent. John 1;1 says that in the beginning was the Word with God, and the world itself was God. This reveals that when we have the Word, God dwells in us; this is a beautiful thing, hosting God in our hearts by feeding our minds with the Word. The words light our path to righteousness and help us keep our ways pure (Psalms 119:9).

Renewal of the Mind brings Transformation and change

Most of us are familiar with Romans 12:2 on not being conformed to the world but instead being transformed by having our minds renewed so that we can display what is acceptable and sound and align with God’s perfect will.

God is the source of everything that we need, and he always wants us to access all that we need, and he has for us. His Word brings life, healing, abundance, deliverance, and full of promises. However, to access all this, our thinking, approach, and mindset should be different from that of the world.

Therefore when we have our minds renewed and transformed by the Word of God, we can overcome all the struggles o life, deal with all situations and live a successful life. Therefore if we want to experience a change in our life, we must renew our minds with the Word of God.

For our minds to be renewed, we have to control our thoughts

One of the fruits of the Holy Spirit is self-control. Or thoughts trigger most of our life decisions, and learning the skill of controlling them is very important in our lives. 2 Corinthians 10:5 speaks of casting down anything, including imaginations and thoughts that are against the knowledge of God, and instead taking captive our thoughts to obey Christ.

Therefore controlling our thoughts is an essential failure to which it tends to hold us. We can, however, achieve this if we enrich our minds with the Word of God. This helps us align every aspect of life, good or bad, according to God’s Word and promises. Therefore we as believers are obliged to control what we process in our minds and ask whether it is according to the will of God.

What flows out of us can tell whether our minds are renewed

The things we feed in our minds are like nutrients and can either be toxic or healthy. If you have an overflow of love, healing, blessings, joy, and spreading of peace, among other positive things, then there is an overflow of Transformation to others as a result of a renewed mind. However, if we spread negative emotional, physical, emotional, or social harm such as hate, hurting others, and discouragement, we display conformity.

Proverbs 4:23, the bible says that we should always guard our heart since what flows from us comes from the heart. And since we know that we feed our soul through our Mind, it is always good to desire to see the will of God and make a room where he can dwell in us so that our overflow can show Transformation by a renewed mind.

Principles that enhance the renewal of the Mind

Desire- For our Mind to be renewed, it starts with the urge to have God at the wheel of our lives, the desire to read and meditate on his Word, and the desire to allow the holy spirit to guide and help us. This means that we have to develop that positive attitude to embrace the Christian values that uphold the will of God and his power to change us as promised through His Word.

Being different- Transformation comes from the renewal of our minds. It makes us different from the world in thinking, perceiving, actions, and all the aspects of life. Sometimes the world may even question our approach, and we must develop the value of always standing out and remaining grounded in God’s Word, and allowing Him to direct our steps.

This means that even when we feel we are different from others, we uphold the truth as per the promises of God as stipulated in his Word. With this, we can get a revelation of what to do and how to do it even in the most challenging time. The ultimate results are always God glorifying Himself through us.

Resilience- We live in a world where our faith is tested every day, which may cause doubts in those who are not strongly connected to their source, God. However, to have a renewed mind, we must endure all the desires that may pull us away from the Word of God, no matter how enticing they might look or sound. This means that we have to pass through some challenging situations, but when we know that God is with us, we don’t give up, but instead, we feel safe and keep going.

This experience and confidence bring Transformation, and we emerge victorious, renewed, and triumphant. It is always good to be strong, courageous, and focused on our purpose and what God destined us for. He reminds us in the book of Philippians 1:6 that he will bring to accomplishment the excellent work he started in us, and this should be our confidence.

Today’s prayer

Thank you, Lord, for Your Word, which lights my path even in the darkest hour. I acknowledge that you have good plans for my life and will always guide and direct me through your Word. I am glad that your Word has the power to transform my life and align me to your will. Above all, thank you for giving me the gift of the Holy Spirit, who not only renews my Mind but also serves as a helper in this journey.

I pray that you may give me the strength to overcome the world as Jesus did so that I can get rid of any power of conformity but instead have my Mind renewed. God Almighty, I pray that you may mold me to better so that I can be persistent to know you more, do according to thy will, and live a purposeful life. I believe my life is in your hands, and I have everything I need when I have you.

Help me to possess my blessing, direct my steps towards all the heavenly treasures, and give me the divine knowledge and wisdom to acknowledge your work in my life. I believe I am not alone and will fear no evil. Thank you for your love and promises. I desire to live a transformed life for your glory. This is my prayer today in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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